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Welcome to the Isolation 2020 Virtual Art Show

Wednesday, May 13, 5:30pm EST
Friday, May 22, 5:30pm EST


Opening Virtual Reception Replay and Press Coverage

The support for this cause as been so impressive, the Artists are being given the opportunity to add new works to their offerings. Please continue to check back each day to see what's new. Be sure to Reload each page in your browser to see new content.

Raised for Food Banks so far: $4786

Dear Art-lovers,

As so many of us learn to adjust to the new realities of limited human contact and working from home, artists continue to work as they always have, in the splendid isolation that drives creativity and produces great art. This has inspired me to create a new way for those who love art to meet artists, view their work and make purchases. I am pleased to welcome you to Isolation 2020: A Virtual Art Show and Sale.

Isolation 2020 offers a unique, online art experience that delivers all the pleasures of a vernissage, the intimacy and adventure of studio tours and the sense of adventure of gallery visits, right to your desktop or device. Eleven of my favourite artists from across Eastern Canada have joined me in this venture. They will each bring their own individual style and creativity, exhibited in three works each, to Isolation 2020.

I haven't imposed a specific unifying theme to this presentation, but I have asked the artists to present pieces that they have created during the pandemic lock-down. I think you will be as excited as I am by the work we will be showing. I believe it will endure as a true testament to this shared global experience.

My objective in creating Isolation 2020 is to establish a simple and accessible venue for artists to introduce new work and interact with the art-loving community. If you see something you like and would like to make a purchase, you will not only be supporting the artist, you will also be supporting food banks across Eastern Canada. Each artist has agreed to donate 25% of their total sales to a food bank in their community. But even if you are simply looking for a way to meet new artists while you shelter in place, I believe Isolation 2020 will bring creative joy to your day!

I hope you enjoy my show.

Cindy Scott

Participating Artists

Christopher Griffin - Ottawa, ON
Colin Hugh Smith - Saint John, NB
Ed Coleman - Halifax, NS
Emmet Woulfe - Ottawa, ON
Joejene Santos - Ottawa, ON
Josée Hurteau - Montreal, QC
Judith Baxter - Clifton Royal, NB
Karen Butler-O’Brien - Saint John, NB
Liane Thibodeau - Summerville, NB
Marianne Weeks - Port Medway, NS
Shelia Howell - Saint John, NB

Food Banks Receiving Support

Parkdale Food Centre, Ottawa ON

Moisson Montreal, Montreal QC

Romero House, Saint John NB

Deacon’s Bench, Kingston NB

Saint John Community Food Basket, Saint John NB

Spryfield Food Bank, Spryfield NS

Queens County Food Bank, Liverpool, NS

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