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Josée Hurteau - Photo - small
Josée Hurteau

Artist Bio
Josée grew up in Châteauguay, Quebec and from a young age she has always loved and appreciated the arts. She went on to earn two bachelor degrees at the University of Quebec, one in Animation and Cultural Research followed by an Education degree. She then completed her Masters in Education at Sherbrook University.

In her spare time Josée loves to create. She has dabbled in many different forms of art over the years, but has recently found her true passion with felting. She has taken several classes and workshops and she truly loves the physical process of felting. It is a three dimensional art, with wool, texture and colours. At first she made hats, tuques and scarves and then developed something absolutely unique: felt murals.

Her artistic style for creating murals is just like her personality: cheerful, naive, fantastic and colourful. With each mural, Josée also creates a narrative to go with it to further enhance the piece. It is a new art, a breath of fresh air.

Artist Statement
I am a painter without paint. Felt is my paint. I love the physical process, the explosion of colours and textures when working with felt and watching my art come to life. Everything that my eyes capture becomes a source of inspiration that influences my felting. I hope my murals bring peace, joy and happiness to those who contemplate them. Women are my favourite subject. It is through their eyes, their energy, their different cultures and their battles that my inspiration finds its source.

23" x 28"
Senora Maria
Señora Maria
35" x 40"
Tribute  to Greta Thunberg
Tribute to Greta Thunberg
31" x 48"
Josée Hurteau - Elle and her Hairdresser small
Elie and her Hairdresser
26" x 36"

Josée Hurteau - Maternity small
30" x 40"
Josée Hurteau - Yuki small
24" x 34"
Introducing Me