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Christopher Griffin - Photo small
Christopher Griffin

Artist Statement
Living through a pandemic is a new experience for us all. I have chosen three paintings as a representation of this period of time. My intention is not for a photo likeness, rather I strive for a spirit and essence of each creature. ‘The Night Time’ was painted in February: Covid 19 was in the news but not exclusively at this time. It fits because it is a lone elephant on the edge of dark waters as if it senses what is coming. In late March, I painted ‘Still Time to Run’, a sentiment about running away to an island somewhere, anywhere for protection. In late April, I painted ‘Self Isolation’, a lone pelican accepting and living with today’s reality under a polka dot sky.

I find animals make good metaphors in my work. My intent it is never to be photo realistic and am often surprised by how realistic they sometimes end up being. I strive for the essence, rather than the exact. My greatest inspiration comes from cave paintings and rock art. We don’t know for sure why these were created, but we do know it wasn’t for commercial gain. The fact that they communicate to us thousands of years later is a true height of human artistry.

Christopher Griffin - The Nighttime small
The Night Time
Mixed Media on Canvas
57" x 39"
Christopher Griffin - Still Time to Run small
Still Time to Run
Mixed Media on Canvas
18" x 24"
Christopher Griffin - Self Isolation small
Self Isolation
Mixed Media on Canvas
14" x 14"
Christopher Griffin - Kilometer One small
Kilometer One
Mixed Media on Canvas
24" x 18"
Christopher Griffin - Phoenix small
Mixed Media on Canvas
24" x 24"
Christopher Griffin - Tortuga small
Tortuga 314115
Mixed Media on Canvas
36" x 48"
Painting in the Studio